Cherry Blossom Ice Cream

Cherry Blossom Ice Cream (Sakura Aisu).

Given the love the Japanese hold for their national emblem, this ice cream could never be anything but a dessert delight. The scrumptious sweet is yummy for the tummy, brightening up the taste buds the same way its ingredients bring about a delightful transformation across the entire country every spring. The treat may well show that Japan's ice cream makers are blossoming, but don't forget you're chomping away on flowers.

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Fiona said...

Nice! :) I tried cherry blossom flavoured Kit Kat this year and was quite pleased. Ice cream would taste even better!

goldcoaster said...

thanks for the comment, Fiona. Any other flavors you have tried?

Fiona said...

Hi I just seen your comment in my mobile blog! That photo was of my brother and my mom's bday card. But you're quite right too; my birthday was on the day you posted a comment on my blog (11 July) ^.^ Cherry Blossom kit kat tastes just like Cherry + Sakura...We've tried a yogurt kit kat before (think it's yogurt), its packaging was multi-coloured - very attractive :)

Shannon Peters said...

Do you have a recipie guide for people? I live in the us and want to make this to share.

Coaster said...

Thanks for the comment Shannon. No, sorry I don't have a recipe for Cherry Blossom Ice Cream