Natto ice cream

Natto Ice Cream.

Natto ice cream is not a great thing for western tastes. Are you wondering what Natto is? have a look at it's normal form ...mmm yummy ! Tastes and smells really bad.

and here it is as ice cream.

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Keep checking back here for more Japanese Ice Cream.


Contamination said...

Nattou Ice Cream? URGH! No thanks!

Two Feathers said...

Yowsers! That really looks gross! have you ever tried it?

goldcoaster said...

I haven't tried Natto but I have seen and smelt it, that was bad enough!

Kim's Blog said...


Where did you find natto ice cream?! (I live in Japan)

Natto Ice Cream said...

The Natto ice cream was from the yokohama ice cream expo. , where nearly all the weird Japanese Ice Cream comes from :)