Japanese Haagen Daz|the best ice cream?

Japanese Haagen Daz Mont Blanc ice cream. I keep reading that Haagen Daz makes the best ice cream in Japan but I think it is popular because it is a US company and Japan seems to love anything American. I had their Green Tea ice cream and it was nice but not the best I have had.
This flavour is very very good though, nice and creamy. I had no idea what the flavour should have been as all I know is Mont Blanc is a brand of pens! It is actually a chesnut vanilla ice cream, mmm .
I will buy it again!Japanese Haagen Daz ice cream
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Anonymous said...

Hey there!
You’re absolutely correct, actually “mont blanc” is a name of a dessert.
Epicurious defines the term as:

“A classic dessert of sweetened, pureed chestnuts subtly flavored with vanilla. The mixture is riced and mounded into a high, fluffy mountain on a platter. This sweet alp is capped with whipped cream or crème chantilly.”

Nice blog, anyway! I am happy to find it, it's so fun to read. Keep it up! :)

Japanese Ice Cream said...

Thanks for the great comment!