Japanese ice cream vending machine just like an arcade game

Have a look at this cool Japanese ice cream vending machine. Isn’t it so cool, it is just like one of those arcade games where the grabbing arm tries to pick up the prize. And what a prize – yummo ice cream.

japanese ice cream vending machine just like an arcade game


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ellie said...

Oh wow- that has to be one of the best combination of things- arcades and ice cream- ace!

I love reading this blog but i'm always so jealous that we can't get the products here in Wales!

Kevin Yokoyama said...

hi there, my wife and I are looking to start a soft creme business in america, how can we get in contact with the blog owner ?

Coaster said...

I am the blog owner. Soft Cream in the US I would assume there would be lots of franchises for that.

Anonymous said...

WHERE do i get in Seattle, Washington?

V said...

Totally love your blog!

greetings from Mexico

japanese ice cream recipe said...

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Siti said...

this is awesome..

jmaeshawn said...

I've actually seen something similar to this here in the US. It was an ice cream vending machine, except it used a vacuum suction tube to suck up the ice cream (in it's packaging) and released the suction when the tube moved over the drop slot.

This arcade-style vending machine seems a lot more fun though :D