Not a bad ice cream at all - Japanese Dango, red beans and vanilla ice cream

Japanese Dango, red beans and vanilla ice cream.  This wasn't bad ice cream, just that it is plain vanilla.
It did have a lot of extrad goodies like red beans in the middle (you can just see them in the photo) and Dango. In case you don't know, Dango is a Japanese dumpling made from mochiko (rice flour) like Mochi.

Japanese ice cream dango, red beans and vanilla ice cream


Edmilson said...

I like your posts. They are very inspiring. Your photos are beautiful. Steel sending posts.
I’m a Brazilian that lives in Aracatuba a small city in the country. I work at a distributor that sells products for ice-cream and ice-cream shops. Here in Aracatuba and region there are a large numbers of Japanese immigrant descendants . Despite miscegenation and integration with local culture, this people spread the Japanese culture like food, folklore, language, and traditions. Because of things from Japanese attraction, beautiful photos, exotics foods, yours post is very interesting. I usually replay your actualizations.
Edmilson Rezende
P.S. There are several Brazilians living in Japan in this moment. They are works migrants.