Melon Ice Cream

Melon Ice Cream.

Yummy melon ice cream in an even yummier container - isn't it cute? This ice cream has a nice melon flavour that is like a gelati style than creamy ice cream. Lucky, our local shop sells them.
Nothing better on a hot day.

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Fiona said...

Mmm this certainly looks like it is very oishii~

goldcoaster said...

thanks for the comment.

Does oishii mean nice, delicious?

Fiona said...

Yeah, to me "oishii" means delicious :D

ms15000 said...

That is really cool! I want some. I love the coffee ice cream from Tesco MM...

Anonymous said...

I live in New York and have an ice cream truck and want to sell these beautiful melon ice creams. Can anyone tell me who distributes them in the U.S.