Japanese corn and cheese ice cream

Japanese corn and cheese ice creamJapanese corn and cheese ice cream - what more can I say...people like corn, people like cheese so lets make a Japanese ice cream with these two favourites... umm, no thanks, I'll skip it.

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Recipes said...

Nice recipes of icecream looking very good:)

chepei said...

I've had corn gelato which was surprisingly wonderful. I mean corn is sweet and corn bread can be used in desserts. But adding the cheese is over the top. Looks more like a synthetic cheddar cheese stomach doesn't feel good now. heheh. By the way..I adore your blog. I'm an ice-cream whore. And pairing your blog of Ice cream with Japan makes this site even more enticing! Thanks much!

Japanese Ice Cream said...

chepei, thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoy the blog.
What would be your fav flavour here? I like the cherry blossom.

Anonymous said...

hi! we have corn icecreams and also cheese... separetely they taste suprisingly good. the cheese is good coz its a bit of salt to a sweet kind of vanila based medium and it kinda enhances the taste of the vanila . so i think i can imagine corn and cheese. prolly would be very yum! =9

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a garden centre and a korean woman used to come in and bring me that exact ice cream. I have been dreaming of it since. It is amazingly delicious. It sounds peculiar, but you should try it.