Japanese green tea soft cream

Japanese green tea soft cream, yum, one of my favourites. Delicious folds of green tea ice-cream in a crispy cone, on the way to the KIyomizu temple, Japan.
This ice cream is much, much nicer than the ordinary Green Tea Ice Cream from the Japanese Haagen Daz stores.
Yummy, thumbs up!
Japanese green tea soft cream KIyomizu temple JapanKeep checking back here for more Japanese Ice Cream.


Anonymous said...

I'm writing an article and wondering if you could tell me how much these ice creams cost? For example, how much does two scoops at Haagen Daaz cost?


Recipes said...

Very different icecream recipe, looking nice:)

Japanese Ice Cream said...

Thanks for the comments.

Grace Park said...

It's there supposed to be a recipe for this soft serve green tea icecream? Please help me find it! ! I really want to make it ><

Japanese Ice Cream Recipes said...

Hi Grace, no there is no recipe for Green Tea Ice Cream on the post, this is just showing one I bought.
Look through the site I do have a recipe for you.