Pino Japanese Bite Sized Ice Cream

These little Japanese Ice Creams are delicious. Each Pino is just a little mouthsized portion of flavoured ice cream dipped in chocolate.
I like the mango one better the the green tea, the mango ice cream has a nice fresh taste.
Here is a little video advert for Japanese Pino ice cream and a photo of the two flavours I have tried. My Friends! And I must add look at her strange Japanese clothes.

japanese ice cream Pino Mango ice cream covered in chocolatejapanese ice cream Pino Green Tea ice cream covered in chocolate------------------------------------------------
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meemalee said...

I just came back from Japan and I saw these in the freezer cabinets in all the convenience stores. I wish I'd tried them now!

I went to a kind of ice cream festival in Osaka and had the loveliest ice cream ever - frozen strawberries filled with milk ice cream. They also had tonkatsu and udon ice creams but I couldn't work out if they tasted like that or just looked like that. Photos here

Ice Cream Recipes said...

Thanks for the great comment. I have just pooked it your great photos at flickr. Can you tell me what ice cream is on photo DSC06962? It looks like a piece of cheese?
thanks again.
Japanese Ice Cream Recipes

Devon said...

i love pinos! i spent some time in japan and everyone fell in love with them