Japanese Ice Cream Faces

Japanese Ice Cream Faces, no it is not an ice cream flavour or Japanese ice cream recipes but a little web site from a lovely Japanese girl that makes little sculptures in her ice cream.
I guess she is very talented and because it is ice cream she would really have to work fast before the Japanese ice cream melts. She says there is one must do rule - eat the ice cream after you make the face, don't waste it. :)
japanese ice cream face sculpture in ice cream keiko suzuki
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Serving-Ice-Cream said...

Really neat! I went to her site and although I couldn't read anything...I really enjoyed looking at her work! What a creative idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Coaster said...

Thanks for reading about my ice cream recipes and Japanese ice cream. I am glad you enjoyed it.
Japanese Ice Cream Recipes

Serving-Ice-Cream said...

I've searched your site and your other sites for your contact info - but can't find it anywhere =O)

I'd love to do an interview on your site similar to this one

I think my readers would enjoy hearing about your site. If you are interested, please contact me via our contact page

Thanks! Feel free to delete this comment.

Scoopalicious said...

I fixed your link on our blog! and thanks for the gross story! ;)

kbraunn said...

I can just imagine how she started.. her mother telling her that it wasn't polite to play with her food at the table... :D