Portable Soft Serve Machine Japanese Style

This Japanese Ice Cream is like your own portable soft serve machine :) . As you can tell by the photo it is a little flexi bag thingy full of soft serve ice cream that you squeeze out into a bowl or cone .. or even just squeeze and suck it out if you can’t wait.

This one is Lotte brand and was Red bean and vanilla flavour and I have seen a chocolate chip vanilla ice cream one as well.

Japanese lotte Red bean and vanilla soft ice cream


Cute Little Japanese Ice Cream Truck

Not much to really say about this except isn’t it a great photo of a Japanese Ice Cream vendor. You see a fair few of these ice cream vans around the place and , usually, they have the best Japanese soft cream. I posted a different photo a while back of an Ice Cream bus.

I wish I had a nice Cherry Blossom soft cream right now!

japanese ice cream truck


Green Tea Ice With Red Bean and Ice Cream Only In Japan

Nice looking Japanese ice cream dessert found at a little cafe. This delicious looking thing is green tea ice, topped with nice sweetened red beans and then on top of all that a good scoop of vanilla ice cream.

It is a bit of a strange concoction, I am not that great a fan of shaved ice and ice cream together but many Japanese (and, I have heard, Hawaiians) are. For me the recipe of creamy ice cream and watery ice just doesn’t gel.

japanese greean tea shaved ice red bean and vanilla ice cream