Japanese Haagen Daz Ice Cream

Japanese Haagen Daz Ice Cream.This ice cream brand is super popular in Japan, not sure why as I think it is only 'OK' ice cream. Maybe because it's from the USA and the people from Japan seem to love all from there. They do have a good flavour range though.

In the photo is Green Tea, Vanilla, Custard Pudding, Strawberry, Rum and Raisin, Black Sesame, Apple Pie, Red Bean, Chocolate, Rich Milk, Cookies and Cream, Caramel Ice cream sandwich, Green Tea and Brown sugar ice cream sandwich, Cafe Latte ice cream sandwich, Vanilla almond.
There is also some new ones like Salty Butter biscuit ice cream (really good), cream cheese raspberry (like cheesecake) and Panna Cotta ice cream sandwich.
Japanese Haagen Daz Ice Cream


Six Flavour Japanese Ice Cream

Six Flavour Japanese Ice Cream.
I think I have posted about one of these big beauties before. (here it is , not quite as big as this one). Well it seems that this one has an extra two flavours of soft cream. The flavours from the bottom to the tap are Melon, Strong Milk, Banana, Green Tea, Chocolate and Strawberries & Milk. Fairly impressive isn't it - well it looked really good but it tasted just like any other soft serve ice cream.


Furano Cheese Factory White Cheese ice cream

Another Japanese Ice Cream post.
This soft serve ice cream is from the Furano Cheese factory. Of course it has cheese but it also has a pizza factory and an ice cream factory. Now this place has black cheese that has squid ink in it so I was expecting the ice cream to be a bit wild as well. The Hokkaido region is very famous for their super high quality milk and from that milk - super delicious Japanese ice cream is made!

The most popular ice cream served there is White ice cream which is a white cheese ice cream - tasted OK, there is also grape juice, pumpkin and sugar cane flavours. The texture and taste is not really like a regular ice cream, hard to describe - it has a kind of fresher taste, if that makes sense.

japanese ice cream furano white cheese ice cream


Japanese ice cream vending machine just like an arcade game

Have a look at this cool Japanese ice cream vending machine. Isn’t it so cool, it is just like one of those arcade games where the grabbing arm tries to pick up the prize. And what a prize – yummo ice cream.

japanese ice cream vending machine just like an arcade game


This is another of my cool(free rpg games), interesting (Star Wars Lego minifigures) blogs I write at the moment, my main one is GoldCoaster. Keep checking back here for more Japanese Ice Cream.


Robot Gundam Ice cream

My son thinks this Japanese ice cream is the best. A robot Gundam style print on the ice cream container. I don’t know what flavour ice cream it is as I never tasted it.

japanese ice cream robot gundam ice cream tub


Four Flavours of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Another Japanese soft cream cone. I guess nothing was really special about this Japanese ice cream apart from it looking so nice – it was just like any other soft serve ice cream. Nice ice cream flavours – Vanilla, Peach, Cherry Blossom and Green Tea.

four level japanese ice cream cone vanilla, peach,cherry blossom,green tea


Japanese Jersey Milk Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe

Continuing from the Jersey milk Monaka bar article, here is a great recipe to make your own super rich, creamy Japanese Jersey Milk ice-cream. It has a lovely not too strong vanilla flavour with nice vanilla specs throughout the ice cream. Very gourmet!
Homemade Jersey Milk Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

  • 150grams granulated sugar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • one vanilla pod, split
  • small pinch of salt
  • 3 cups of Jersey Cream
  • 3 cups full Jersey Milk
Mix sugar, split vanilla bean (scrape the seeds out and put them into the milk as well), and salt in top of double boiler; with the Jersey milk. Place over boiling water and cook until slightly thickened, around 10 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Remove the vanilla pod.
Then reduce the heat so that water in bottom part of boiler is on a simmer. Beat eggs slightly and stir the hot milk mixture into it a little at a time to make a custard (and not scrambled eggs). Cook over the hot water 5 minutes, stirring constantly.
Remove from stove, chill. Add in the Jesrsey cream, add vanilla extract, stir a little then add it to your Japanese Ice Cream maker and churn until you get proper consistency. It makes around 2 litres of the creamiest vanilla ice cream you have ever had.jersey vanilla bean ice cream - japanese ice cream


Japanese Jersey Milk Monaka Bar Ice Cream

There are many milk flavour ice creams in Japan. I'm never sure what they are supposed to taste like, possibly vanilla plus I know through the colour was that it was vanilla. This Jersey Milk Monaka bar is one of the best probably because Jersey milk has a high fat/ cream content, although I still prefer the Chocolate Monaka bar.

I suppose the Japanese ice cream tastes reminiscent of tinned sweet condensed milk. This is truly milky but that is what you'll assume seeing it's jersey milk. It's a full-size Japanese ice cream bar packed with authentic ice-cream not the normal iced-confectionary type ice-cream. Once you open the packet, you can smell the vanilla of the ice cream and the biscuit. The generous piece of icecream is incredibly smooth and velvety and the very first mouthful shows strong, genuine vanilla flavour. The icecream is creamy and sweet. This is what good vanilla ice cream ought to be like. The biscuit part does not possess a lot of flavour, however that's okay since its only a handy holder meant for the yummy ice-cream. The cookie cone is soft and not flaky so its good for eating a slightly melted bar. It's easy to sink your teeth into into, but doesn't crumble or fall apart. Another Monaka bar worth buying.japanese jersey Milk Ice Cream bar monaka

japanese jersey Milk ice cream bar 2


Japanese red bean, vanilla soy, green tea ice cream

An amazing looking ice cream in our local Japanese restaurant. All of us chose to have the special ice-cream dessert, that  is literally a triple-decker ice cream dish that kind of appears to be like akin to a volcano or a multi-coloured X-mas tree. The top layer is red bean ice cream, followed next to vanilla soy icecream and green tea ice cream. The green tea ice cream was a tad strong if you had it by it's self, nevertheless if you had it together with the creamy vanilla soy, the sweetness of the vanilla smoothed the flavours out pretty nicely. The red beans were cooked just right not too sweet like some places have. A good ice cream recipe to try at home.

japanese ice cream green tea, vanilla and red bean


Japanese Fish Ice Cream Wafer

I had this Japanese Fish shaped ice-cream the other day. Its a delicate crunchy wafer molded in a fish profile. Now being Japanese it could actually be fish ice cream but it is not. Inside is white vanilla icecream along with a layer of adzuki beans along at the base of it. Its really good. Both the beans and the ice cream is not too sweet and not too much ice cream or an excessive amount of red beans. I would certainly buy this again.

japanese fish icecream wrapperIce Cream wrapperjapanese fish icecream whole Ice Cream fish, ready to eatjapanese fish icecream inside Ice Cream fish half eaten


Cake Stick, Blueberry cheesecake ice-cream from Japan

The cheesecake flavoured Cake Stick is Japanese icecream plus a little blueberry jam inside it. It is meant to be just like blueberry cheesecake that you can buy in coffee shops. It’s not smooth milk based icecream however, rather like a frozen icy kind of ice cream, akin to frozen yogurt or something. Very good but not great Japanese ice cream, though I find it a little bizarre to have artificially flavoured cheesecake icecream.

japanese  icecream cheescake cake stick japanese  icecream cheescake cake stick bite