Japanese red bean, vanilla soy, green tea ice cream

An amazing looking ice cream in our local Japanese restaurant. All of us chose to have the special ice-cream dessert, that  is literally a triple-decker ice cream dish that kind of appears to be like akin to a volcano or a multi-coloured X-mas tree. The top layer is red bean ice cream, followed next to vanilla soy icecream and green tea ice cream. The green tea ice cream was a tad strong if you had it by it's self, nevertheless if you had it together with the creamy vanilla soy, the sweetness of the vanilla smoothed the flavours out pretty nicely. The red beans were cooked just right not too sweet like some places have. A good ice cream recipe to try at home.

japanese ice cream green tea, vanilla and red bean


Japanese Fish Ice Cream Wafer

I had this Japanese Fish shaped ice-cream the other day. Its a delicate crunchy wafer molded in a fish profile. Now being Japanese it could actually be fish ice cream but it is not. Inside is white vanilla icecream along with a layer of adzuki beans along at the base of it. Its really good. Both the beans and the ice cream is not too sweet and not too much ice cream or an excessive amount of red beans. I would certainly buy this again.

japanese fish icecream wrapperIce Cream wrapperjapanese fish icecream whole Ice Cream fish, ready to eatjapanese fish icecream inside Ice Cream fish half eaten


Cake Stick, Blueberry cheesecake ice-cream from Japan

The cheesecake flavoured Cake Stick is Japanese icecream plus a little blueberry jam inside it. It is meant to be just like blueberry cheesecake that you can buy in coffee shops. It’s not smooth milk based icecream however, rather like a frozen icy kind of ice cream, akin to frozen yogurt or something. Very good but not great Japanese ice cream, though I find it a little bizarre to have artificially flavoured cheesecake icecream.

japanese  icecream cheescake cake stick japanese  icecream cheescake cake stick bite