Goat and Whale Japanese ice cream

This lot of lovely Japanese Ice Cream would go down a treat.

Who could resist a nice bowl of Goat Ice Cream (Yagi Aisu)...mmm, goat. I have no idea why there is also some chickens on the label maybe it has abit of beak in there as well. Made with, of course, goat's milk, but also containing plenty of the rest of the animal.

If Goat flavoured Japanese Ice Cream is not what you want, what about something from the ocean. Yep, let's have a cone of Whale Ice Cream(Kujira Aisu). Rich and creamy but full of nice hunks of flesh, this Japanese Ice Cream will still provide a whale of a time.

Whale has long been a delicacy among the Japanese. Certainly not a politically correct choice.

More Japanese Ice Cream flavours (flavors for US folk) to come...enjoy.