Japanese Ice Cream Cone Pizza

Japanese Ice Cream Cone Pizza.

Kono Pizza, a fast food restaurant is offering its customers pizza in a cone.

Instead of preparing toppings on a traditional flat crust, the toppings are placed inside a cone shaped crust (think an ice cream cone) and then baked.

The reasoning behind this strange creation is that cone pizza eliminates the mess and need for silverware that traditional pizza slices require. Cone Pizza can be eaten on the run.

Kono Pizza offers customers 7 different types of pizza cones and 2 dessert cones. Pizza cones are prepared freshly and cooked on site in a specially designed conveyor belt oven.

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Homemom3 said...

Ewww gross. At first this was starting to sound okay, but when I finished I lost that thought. This was not what I was picturing. An interesting idea though. I was thinking more of the crust being shaped like a cone, right before it was finished being cooked.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to share some information about expanding a cone pizza concept around the globe. Does it mean that pizza in a cone becomes as popular as a hamburger?..

Here is the examples:
Russia: or
Korea: www.с
Italy, number of countries in EU, New Zealand, Arabian Emirates, Russia, Japan:
India: (pizza-Conizza)

GoldCoaster said...

thanks for the comments folks.

Snoskred said...

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These cone pizzas actually sound like a good idea. :) Can I believe I typed that?