Fried oysters in soft serve ice cream

Fried oysters in soft serve ice cream.

This would have to be the worst looking and, I would think, the worst tasting Japanese Ice Cream ever! I can't remember the site I saw this on but it was in Japan somewhere.
Wow, two crumbed and fried oysters in soft-serve ice cream - what type of person would think of that combination and what Japanese Ice Cream shop would sell it?

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Fiona said...

Hmm...I love fried oysters...but eat them with soft ice cream!? That's just really weird...perhaps depends on what flavour the ice cream is LOL

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comment Fiona. It is weird, the two don't really go together do they?


Anonymous said...

I used to love cheetos w ice cream... heehee

I found ice cream too sweet and needed to sooth my taste buds w cheetos, then it was too salty so I went for some ice cream, then too sweet, cheetos,...

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