Yokohama Ice Cream Expo

Japanese Ice Cream fans enjoyed the Yokohama Ice Cream Expo with thousands of people visiting. The organiser, Manabu Matsumoto, said that the beef tongue ice cream from Miyagi Prefecture was the most popular Ice Cream at the expo.

"We have ice cream from all over Japan – from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south – but beef tongue has been the one that people keep coming back for," he said.
More than 125 varieties of ice cream have been available in the two week festival, including cheese, octopus, prawn and a garlic variety called Dracula's Premium Ice Cream. Another strange or different Japanese Ice cream was flavoured with very finely sliced pieces of pearl from Japans traditional pearl-growing region, mmm crunchy!
Most were selling for around Y300 to Y800 ($2.75-$7.00) for a little tub of ice cream. Most of these ice creams were real acquired tastes.
Many Japanese regions attempt to cash in on local produce, by inventing ice creams that incorporate their tastes, like the Jellyfish Ice Cream from Rakuten, complete with chunks of Jellyfish!.
Japanese Ice Cream, Yokohama Ice Cream Expo, Jellyfish Ice Cream
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